Videos made by Sean Luciw. Click title to view.

Walk Right In

"Walk Right" is a music video by the band Skullfinger. "Walk Right In" is a public-domain covertune, originally written by Gus Cannon and Hosea Woods in 1929 and covered by The Rooftop Singers in 1962. This video won "Best Music Video" award at the 8th annual Kamloops Interior Short Short Film Fest.

Durty Ruby

"Durty Ruby" is a guitar solo and stop-motion animation music video featuring toy cars.

Robo Tooth

The "Robo Tooth" video is totally homemade, lo-fi, using various toys from my childhood in the 1970's and 80's, including some of my favourite cars, a Twiki action figure and a Highland Bull doll that my Aunt got from her trip to Scotland. I also shined a red laser pointer on some magnetic "Bucky Balls", and put my red sunglasses over the camera while videotaping the trees and the sky.

Camel Karma

"Camel Karma" is a stop-motion animation story about a camel family. It is styled after old-fashioned silent films, with lo-fi incidental music played on guitar. Running length is 2m47s. Animation and music by Sean Luciw. The film was part of the 2012 Kamloops Independent Short Short Film Festival.

Honeycombs & Snowflakes

"Honeycombs & Snowflakes" is an instrumental composition with polyrhythmic melodies and a unique symmetrical approach to chord progression called "The Modal Mirror" which is explained in my book "Chaos In Boxes".

Ancient Solfeggio Tone Mi 528 Hz

"Mi 528 Hz" is a meditation music video from the album Ancient Solfeggio Tone vol. 1: The Pure Tones by Sean Luciw.

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