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Sean Luciw’s first book on music theory is "Chaos in Boxes: Twisted Adventures in Music Theory".

Chaos in Boxes: Twisted Adventures in Music Theory

by Sean Alexander Luciw (2008)

In "Chaos in Boxes", author Sean Luciw crams the square peg of music theory into the round holes of Egyptian folklore, astronomy, numerology, babushkas, poetry, diarrhea, and the long-lost Solfeggio matrix. Bad puns and even a good old-fashioned f-word or two abound.

Parallels abound in our universe. "Chaos in Boxes" is a collection of experiments, theories and observations regarding music theory-based ideas and their connections to other parts of the world. Astronomy, astrology, geometry, arithmetic, science, art and poetry mix with scales, modes, chords, fretboard diagrams and more, in a down-to-earth, fun style.

Chaos in Boxes: Twisted Adventures in Music Theory

Free Preview #1:

Here are a couple of my favourite chapters from "Chaos In Boxes" - "The Times-Table Mirror" and "The Modal Mirror." Enjoy!

Chaos In Boxes | FREE PREVIEW #1 (PDF)

Free Preview #2:

Here is the entirety of "Section V - EXPLORING THE ANCIENT SOLFEGGIO MATRIX" from "Chaos In Boxes," dedicated to the very popular Solfeggio Tones - Enjoy!

Chaos In Boxes | FREE PREVIEW #2 (PDF)
Note: The eBook versions of "Chaos In Boxes" contain new information which is not included in the hardcopy versions nor this .pdf.

Free Preview #3:


Here is the chapter "The Modal Brightness Stars" from "Chaos In Boxes," containing one of my proudest discoveries - Enjoy!

Chaos In Boxes | FREE PREVIEW #3 (PDF)

the eBook Edition:


The eBook Edition of "Chaos In Boxes" is now available for epub and mobi readers, with new chapters, new appendices, lots of fun hyperlinks... and there's even an enhanced version with audio!

Here's a list of additions which only appear in the eBooks:

audio: Massive Solfeggio (enhanced version only)
audio: The Coin Song (enhanced version only)
audio: Fibonacci 21 (enhanced version only)
audio: Quasi-Palindromic Triangular Solfeggio Sequence (enhanced version only)
new Chapter: Audio Snippet Widget List (enhanced version only)
new Chapter: Solfeggio Beat Frequencies
new Chapter: Is Re The True Root of the Solfeggio?
new Chapter: Solfeggio Clef
new Chapter: The Modal Brightness Stars
new Chapter: Moon Modes
new Chapter: Related Material By The Authour
new Chapter: Colophon
new Appendix: BFF Beat Freqs Forever
new Appendix: The Coin Song

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