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The Grind Coffee House

Aug 10, 2013 (another rare Ulusulu Music presentation) - Tragedy Hashbrown - our first live appearance, after about 2 decades of recording

July 20, 2013 (another rare Ulusulu Music presentation) - The Checkerboard Floors - acoustified eclectic cover tunes

June 15, 2013 (another rare Ulusulu Music presentation) - Lex Plexus - electric guitar with special electronic elements, recorded live for the album "Surreal Voyage"

Kamloops Art Gallery openings

April 16, 2013 - Germaine Koh: Weather Systems - instrumental background music

October 12, 2012 - Era Of Discontent: Art As Occupation - instrumental background music

January 14, 2012 - Bearing Witness / Sarah Jules iPhoneography - instrumental background music

June 11, 2011 - Yousuf Karsh and Edward Steichen: The Art of the Celebrity Portrait - instrumental background music

April 3, 2010 - Truth Or Fiction? - instrumental background music

At The F.F.A.

Feb 14 2014 - Dark-Light Noise Festival - Lex Plexus used the guitar and his homemade pedalboard to bring the noise at this fabulous event.

With Jagged

Apr 20 2014 - Jagged played for an attentive crowd at this year's 4/20 event. Reactions were mixed, as one would expect of their music.

Apr 10 2014 - Jagged provides in-between music at some of the Kamloops Burlesque events.

Mar 13 2014 - Jagged provides in-between music at some of the Kamloops Burlesque events.

With Bollokscraft Records

May 10 2014 - National Drone Day - Sean Luciw represented the Ancient Solfeggio Tones and some Music of the Spheres at the Kamloops rendition of this new event.

June 9 2013 - Bollokscraft Bizarre Bazaar - Drums Of Drone (Sean Luciw and Ronan McGrath) played their twisted comsination of guitar and robo-circuitry for a chill group of fine folks.

April 28 2013 - Chromesthesia - This music/art event at Zack's Coffeeshop downtown was also the album release party for the Lasagna Losenges / Hallow-fied split album released on Bollokscraft Records.

March 16 2013 - Art 'n Soul 2 - Lex Plexus brought his spacious guitar/synth/vocal abstractions to an appreciative audience at the 2nd annual "Art 'n Soul" Arnica fundraiser, where Audiophysiopsychics and Eagle Ear also played their electronica... This was also the first ever musical event at Zack's downtown coffeeshop!

BolloksCraft Xine - Some of my Haikus, other writing & art are found in the fantastic new 'zine from Bollokscraft Records.

Euphoria Emporium DVD Box Set

Various Lex Plexus tracks can be heard in the DVD menus for the Euphoria Emporium DVD box set!

Kali - a short horror film

"Kali", a short horror film directed by Stu MacKay-Smith, extensively features the music of Lex Plexus! The film won 1st place in the B-Grade Horrorfest 2004 in Whistler, BC.

60 x 60

60x60 is a collection of 60 electroacoustic compositions from 60 different artists, each work 60 seconds or less in duration, presented in a continuous sixty minute concert. The 60x60 project was conceived and developed by the new music consortium, Vox Novus and its founder, Robert Voisey. 60x60 was designed to showcase the diversity of the contemporary music and has succeeded in presenting thousands of composers in hundreds of performances around the world since 2003.

Sean Luciw's composition "Altered Reversal" has appeared in several 60x60 performances, including the 2008 International Mix, the 2007-2008 Pacific Rim Mix, and the 2008 Galapagos Evolution Mix. For the dance performances, choreographers perform dances to the music. Dance interpretations of "Altered Reversal" by Amiti Perry and Chris Masters are available on Youtube.

To download "Altered Reversal" (free mp3) go to the mp3 page.


UnTwelve is dedicated to exploring the current and historical frontiers of music beyond that 12-note tuning system. Their mission and vision is to commission and perform musical works which display the excitement and beauty of this frontier to both audiences and musicians.

Sean Luciw's composition "A Wrinkle In Tone", which uses the Ancient Solfeggio Tones, took part in their 2011 Microtonal Composition Competition.

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