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Sean Luciw has over 30 years experience in the studio including recording, mixing and mastering. Sean also brings valuable composition and performance skills to the table, to help you develop your existing songs.

Full album production services are currently on hiatus due to other endeavours.

However, I am willing to consider smaller projects (I can arrange and perform instrumental parts for your songs).

I also proudly offer mastering services, to put the spic-and-span on your mixed project....


"What is mastering," you ask? Mastering is the final stage of audio processing which makes your music sound pro. This involves establishing an even frequency balance and making the album loud enough - but not too loud! Too many albums in this day and age suffer from the "loudness war" - every album trying to be as loud or louder than every other album. Too much loudness can be a very bad thing, robbing the music of its natural dynamic beauty, resulting in a tiring, headachey, overcompressed listening experience. This is true for every genre of music. In my mastering technique I strive for a balance between sonic power and natural dynamics.

contact me for a quote.

Partial List of Previous audio production Projects

  • Yale County Jug Band - Live At Chances — live sound, recording, mixing
  • VasyL Ko - Aura&Colour (LP) — mastering, some mixing
  • Midnight Crisis - Pink Popcorn Popsicle — mastering
  • Sick Astray — recording, mixing, mastering
  • Second Day Sober — recording, mixing, mastering
  • Murdertribe - 5-song EP — bass, mixing (with Justin Bentley), mastering
  • Velveteen Trees - “Sunday's Ghost” song — composing, instrumental performance, recording, mixing, mastering
  • The Scattered Atoms - “Live” album — mastering
  • Drivin - “Black Epitaph” album — recording, mixing, mastering; recorded & mixed @ Turner’s Music Studio
  • Scully And The Mulders 3-song demo — recording, mixing, mastering
  • Crushing Complex - “nth degree” EP — guitar, vocals, bass, composition, recording, mixing, mastering, cover art, graphic design; recorded & mixed @ Turner’s Music Studio
  • Life On Io - “Life On Io” album — guitars, bass, drums, loops, synth, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design
  • Ghengis Gandhis - “Shack Attack” album — mixing, mastering, graphic design
  • Suzi Rawn - “On My Own” album — mixing
  • King Size Suzi - “Green Eyed Monster” album — mastering
  • Cozy Gelpod - “Cozy Gelpod” album — guitar, synth, recording, mixing, graphic design
  • Leisure Suite - “This Time” bonus track — recording, programming, mixing, mastering
  • The Scattered Atoms - “Working On My Tan” album — mastering
  • PIM - “Milo” album — recording, mixing
  • Trevor Caswell - “Serenade” album — mastering
  • Dusty - “Justin, Jesus & Me” album — guitar, bass, recording, mixing, mastering
  • Carolyn Hines - “Music & Poetry” album — composition, recording, mixing, mastering
  • Jack Jones - “Spoken Word” album — recording
  • Pagan Machine — “Always Beneath The Skin” album — mixing, mastering
  • Swackhammer - “Revenge Of The Angry Young Swackyderms” album — recording, mixing
  • The Disfigurenes - “Punk’s Dead You’re Next” album — recording, mixing
  • The Disfigurenes - “Continental Exposure” 4 songs — recording, mixing
  • Michelle Simpson - “Demo” — guitar, synth, loops
  • Soul Patch - “Connections” & “Mr. Glossy” 2 songs — co-production, recording, mixing
  • Black Forest Moon - “Recognized” song — guitar
  • Revealer - “Revealer” album — premaster editing
  • Anna-Madeline - “Last Rose In The Garden” album — composition, instrumentation, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design
  • Thirsty “In One Place” album — recording & mixing
  • ... and the wide variety of self-released albums on his micro record label.

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