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Category Zero by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus and the Sonic Defenders
album: Category Zero
cat.#: ULCD-002
format: CD
length: 46:48
genre: experimental techno/idm
released: 2001
sounds like: Aphex Twin, The Orb, Nine Inch Nails,

the CD:

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the Digital Album:

Available at Bandcamp for free download.


"Category Zero" shows the loopy and chaotic side of the experimental freak-of-nature known as Lex Plexus. A plethora of talented guests contributors add fresh colour to the Lex Plexus sound on this release as well: Suzi Rawn (of Canadian Idol fame) lends her voice to the plex-ified version of "Amazing Grace"; "Pingu's Milk Break" features the voice of Iain McLaren, of Sadistic Humor and Euphoria Emporium; Cathi Marshall's voice appears in several places throughout the album, most notably the sound collage "Illuminous", which is constructedly entirely using her voice.

"Category Zero" was originally released on mp3.com.

track listing:

  1. Whippped Creammm
  2. Hot In Here (f. Trevor Mason)
  3. Amazing Grace (f. Suzi Rawn)
  4. Easy Vector 505
  5. Ridicularity (f. Gator Girl)
  6. VectorSinTown21 (f. Craig McKay)
  7. Pingu's Milk Break (f. Gizbah)
  8. Hypno Botz
  9. Turn Up The Volume (f. Cathi Marshall)
  10. Illuminous (f. Cathi Marshall)
  11. Wearing Wool Wednesday (f. Marty Ylitalo)

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