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Ulusulu Music, established in 1990, is the big little umbrella under which Sean Luciw's various musical projects reside, as well as a few albums by other artists!

artist: album: format: cat. #: genre:
Sean Luciw Sugar Shark CD ULCD-001 experimental rock
Lex Plexus and the Sonic Defenders Category Zero CD ULCD-002 experimental electronic
Lex Plexus and the Sonic Defenders Izmaha CD ULCD-003 experimental electronic
Sean Luciw Live At The Grind CD ULCD-004 experimental improvisation
Lex Plexus The Tangerine Album CD ULCD-005 experimental electronic
Lex Plexus Tasty Grapes CD ULCD-007 experimental electronic
Lex Plexus Apple-Lime CD ULCD-008 experimental electronic
Various Artists All Over The Map Volume 1 CD, DA ULCD-009 various
Quantum Cycle A Space Opera CD ULCD-010 experimental improvisation
Lex Plexus Dark Light CD, DA ULCD-011 dark ambient
The Dave McLean Experiment Hornswaggled CD (EP) ULCD-012 psychedelic blues
Stretch Alexander Hole In My Boat CD (EP), DA ULCD-013 blues
Guppy Tyke Public Enema #2 CD, DA ULCD-014 jazz-rock fusion
Best Before Holocaust Best Before Holocaust CD ULCD-015 instrumental jam rock
Ghengis Gandhis Shack Attack CD ULCD-016 reggae
Grief Processor Stupider Than Jupiter CD ULCD-017 instrumental improvisation
Sadistic Humor R.I.P. ...Into Oblivion CD ULCD-018 thrash metal
The Big Buddha Belly accidental ambrosia: a live album CD, DA ULCD-019 jazz fusion
Lex Plexus Robo Tooth DS ULDS-001 instrumental electronic
Tragedy Hashbrown Parallel Barking Is For The Dogs DA ULDA-001 improvised noise-art
Sean Luciw Ancient Solfeggio Tones Volume 1: The Pure Tones CD ULCD-020 meditation, math-music
Sean Luciw Ancient Solfeggio Tones Volume 2: Explorations CD ULCD-021 meditation, math-music
Lex Plexus Surreal Voyage DS ULDS-002 instrumental electronic guitar
Jagged Sound of Freedom DA ULDA-002 free-jazz noise metal
Jagged Clown Grinder CD, DA ULCD-022 free-jazz noise metal
Drums of Drone The Shell CS ULCS-007 experimental ambient
Lex Plexus and Nix Nihil Sleepcaster EP DA ULDA-003 industrial drum and bass
Crushing Complex Cloaking Fog EP DA ULDA-004 metal
Sean Luciw Killing Time (20th anniversary) CS, DA ULCS-003 experimental guitar
Sean Luciw Drone Day 2016 DJ Mix DA ULDA-005 meditation/ambient drone
Skullfinger Turn Down The Quiet CD, DA ULCD-023 prog rock
Lex Plexus Phi Day The 13th DA ULDA-006 electronic/experimental
Lex Plexus Holographic Sun DA ULDA-007 electronic/experimental
Iain McLaren Now Try To Be Cute DA ULDA-008 experimental/piano
Lex Plexus Martian Tropics DS ULDS-003 breakbeat/drum and bass
The Buddha Belly Orchards CD, DA ULCD-024 jazz/instrumental
Lex Plexus Stellar Trip CD, DA ULCD-025 breakbeat/drum and bass
Volcano Calculator Volcano Calculator CD, DA ULCD-026 metal
Lex Plexus Gadget Babies CD, DA ULCD-027 electronic
Lex Plexus Vault Smashing Vol. 5 DA ULDA-013 electronic
Sean Luciw Beautiful Guitars CD, DA ULCD-028 instrumental rock
Lex Plexus Vault Smashing Vol. 6 DA ULDA-014 electronic
Sean Luciw Funk-o-Lation EP DA (EP) ULDA-015 instrumental rock
Circuit of Pain Human Nightmare EP DA ULDA-016 punk/metal
Sean Luciw Under the Wire CD, DA ULCD-029 instrumental rock
Stretch Alexander Simple Pleasures CD, DA ULCD-030 blues instrumental
CD = Compact Disc, CS = Cassette, DA = Digital Album, DS = Digital Single

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