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Live At The Grind by Sean Luciw
artist: Sean Luciw
album: Live At The Grind
cat.#: ULCD-004
format: CD
genre: experimental rock
released: 2003
sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Phish

the CD:

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"Live At The Grind" is Sean Luciw's experimental live album, recorded at the most legendary Kamloops coffee shop at two separate performances in 2002 and 2003. Eight of the tracks are solo performances on nylon-string guitar, electric guitar, and keyboard, including Sean's original classical guitar composition "Simple Glow", which previously appeared in studio form on his cassette debut. Two of the tracks are group performances, with J.R., Ryan, Trevor and Steve.

track listing:

  1. Wandering Too
  2. Good Night
  3. 40 Below
  4. Midnight Storm
  5. Flower Pot
  6. Simple Glow
  7. Go, Sean!
  8. No-Name Shuffle
  9. Magic Touch
  10. Giant Space-Parrot on a F**kin' Rampage
  11. Small Stones
  12. 397000000

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