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Tasty Grapes by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Tasty Grapes (part 2 of the "Music Is Like Food" Trilogy)
cat.#: ULCD-007
format: CD
length: 44:08
genre: experimental electronic
released: 2003
sounds like: cEvin Key, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Xenakis

the CD:

Currently out-of-print.


"Tasty Grapes" (part 2 of the "Music Is Like Food" Trilogy) shows once again that Lex Plexus finds genre descriptions to be ever so irrelevant.

This collection of sound abundifies with numerical interestingnesses and methodological uniquenesses. "Geesin" was created with a guitar-controlled synthesizer. Mandelbrosia combines Mandelbrot-generated fractal melodies with jpeg-to-wav conversions of a visual art piece. "Truffle Shack" features odd-number metric modulations. "Massive Solfeggio" is a meditation soundscape composed using the mysterious and ancient Solfeggio frequencies, which are described in Horowitz and Barber's book Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse" and are explored in more detail in the book "Chaos In Boxes: Twisted Adventures In Music Theory" by Sean Luciw.

Each copy of "Tasty Grapes" was packaged in a handmade sleeve with one-of-a-kind artwork!

track listing:

  1. Geesin'
  2. Mandelbrosia
  3. Truffle Shack
  4. Boulder Park
  5. 15 Minutes Ago
  6. Massive Solfeggio
  7. Small Stones

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