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Apple-Lime by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Apple-Lime (part 3 of the "Music Is Like Food" Trilogy)
cat.#: ULCD-008
format: CD
length: 33:34
genre: experimental electronic
released: 2003
sounds like: cEvin Key, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Xenakis

the CD:

Currently out-of-print.


"Apple-Lime" (part 3 of the "Music Is Like Food" Trilogy) shows once again that Lex Plexus finds genre descriptions to be ever so irrelevant.

Lex Plexus, known for his "all-over-the-map" genre-smashing tendencies, serves up a tasty dose of head-scratching bewilderment with his latest collection, "Apple-Lime". Electro-acoustic sound paintings, heavy metal chunkiness, tight dance funk, industrial doom, and the odd laugh here and there make this offering from Lex Plexus a delight for the ears, mind, body and soul.

"Hawaiian Faceplant" features an electric berimbau (a single-stringed gourd-bodied instrument with a flexible neck to bend the pitch, created by Michael Brooks) played by Travis Wright, bass courtesy of Terry Strudwick, and heavy guitars by Sean Luciw. There are two remixes on "Apple-Lime": a super-heavy remake of "Next Trip To Mars..." from Izmaha, and a remix of the previously-released Lex Plexus track "Turn Up The Volume" (from "Category Zero") featuring the voice of Cathi Marshall. "Turn Down The Volume" is a sort of parody response to "Turn Up The Volume", with Chris Bose and Shirley Bradley starring as the complaining neighbours. "Synchrodipity" is a danceable track composed specifically for an outdoor event called Utopia, and features a pretty happenin' percussion breakdown. The song "Lex Plexus Ain't Noise Pollution" is a lifelong ambition come to fruition, and has to be felt on a big system with lots of bass to be fully appreciated.

Each copy of "Apple-Lime" was packaged in a handmade sleeve with one-of-a-kind artwork!

track listing:

  1. Hawaiian Faceplant
  2. 95-F-DSQW14
  3. Turn Down The Volume
  4. Turn Up The Volume REMIX
  5. Okee Kanokee
  6. Synchrodipity
  7. Next Trip To Mars REMIX
  8. Total Domination
  9. Lex Plexus Ain't Noise Pollution
  10. I Must Go Pee REMIX

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