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All Over The Map by Various Artists
artist: Various Artists
album: All Over The Map
cat.#: ULCD-009
format: CD, DA
length: 66:43
genre: electronic, rock, spoken word
released: September 26, 2005
sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, The Orb, Led Zeppelin, Morcheeba, Bjork, Xenakis, Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Pink Floyd

the Album:

Digital album available now for FREE download at bandcamp.com
Hardcopies are currently out-of-print.


Travelling without moving - with the help of music, we do it all the time. The songs on this compilation were all recorded in one little corner of the world - Kamloops, B.C., Canada - but you might not guess it by the wide range of styles and influences... blues, industrial, metal, dub, reggae, dark ambient, flamenco, jazz, downtempo, storytelling, spoken word, experimental, math-music... let the music take you on a journey.

With the help of the Community Arts Council of Kamloops, this compilation made its way into the libraries of campus & community radio stations across Canada.

track listing:

  1. "Answers Fall" by Lex Plexus
  2. "Hornswaggled" by Dave McLean
  3. "The Soul's" by Pagan Machine
  4. "This Time" by Leisure Suite
  5. "Jamming With Jerks" by Squeek Leek
  6. "Aliens Playfighting" by Tragedy Hashbrown
  7. "5 Days" by Sean Luciw
  8. "Getaway Machine" by Getaway Machine
  9. "Whip Of Change" by Gary Faustman
  10. "First Bite" by Karmin
  11. "Dragonfly" by Carolyn Hines
  12. "Someplace To Go" JR & Ryan
  13. "Bedlam Bellow" by Bedlam Bellow
  14. "Fibonacci 21" by Sean Luciw

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