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A Space Opera by Quantum Cycle
artist: Quantum Cycle
album: A Space Opera
cat.#: ULCD-010
format: CD
length: 37:39
genre: ambient experimental electronic
released: 2005
sounds like: Aphex Twin, The Orb, Pink Floyd, Pigs In Space, Star Wars, Space 1999

the CD:

Currently out-of-print.


Not so long ago, and right here in this galaxy, a cosmic audio event swept across the airwaves like none before, and never to be repeated.

Call it Quantum Cycle - A Space Opera.

To the benefit of all organisms, this one-of-a-kind anomaly has been fortuitously captured for your enjoyment and entertainment. So strap on your rocket-ship seatbelt and 3-D earphones and get ready for the space-ride that will have you crawling back to the opera-house for more!

Quantum Cycle is one continuous 38-and-a-half-minute live duet jam performed by Sean Luciw and Ryan MacDuff, both famous for their previous performances with Lex Plexus and the Sonic Defenders and other various projects around Kamloops, BC. Additional lyrics by Quivbot Kha Mogyph.

track listing:

  1. A Space Opera

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