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Dark Light by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Dark Light
cat.#: ULCD-011
format: CD, DA
length: 33:34
genre: ambient experimental electronic
released: July 5, 2006
sounds like: Aphex Twin, The Orb, Brian Eno, Vangelis

the Album:

Digital Album (or individual songs) now available for download at bandcamp.com! :)


does light fill the empty void,
or is it darkness
which provides the stuff of possibility?

Too often we allow our rhythms to be determined by the beats of the music we listen to. The answer to this problem is, of course, non-rhythmic music. Large empty sonic spaces, decorated with washes of light and colour, allow the user to experience their own internal rhythms without interference from drums.

The “dark light” collection by Lex Plexus offers plenty of this sort of space. How about a nice little poem to celebrate the notion:

a single photon
floating through space
swimming through the void
the perfect modulator
touring galaxies of relative chaos
intertwined with that which it is not
interdependent with
its own non-existence
happy to be sad
but especially
sad to be so happy

track listing:

  1. Dark Light
  2. Broken Boolean
  3. Cave Dwellers
  4. Year Of The Whale
  5. Shady Time Pretzel
  6. If Light Was Dark
  7. Time Pretzel
  8. If Dark Was Light
  9. Shiny Time Pretzel
  10. Ham And Cheddar Membrane


WeirdCanada.com included "Dark Light" by Lex Plexus in their list of favourites. "From the Lizard Cove: In our ongoing pursuit to encourage, document, and connect creative expression across Canada, we cut through waves upon waves of ethereal sounds, wyld shreddery, and brooding drones. It is magnificent. Some of the best grips escape our grasping fists. We list them here." Check out all the other amazing music on the list!

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