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Stupider Than Jupiter by Grief Processor
artist: Grief Processor
album: Stupider Than Jupiter
cat.#: ULCD-017
format: CD
length: 36:18
genre: instrumental improvisation
released: 2008
sounds like: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Bill Frisell, Sigur Ros,

the Digital Album:

Album (or individual songs) now available for download at bandcamp.com! :)


Some days are better than others. When life sucks, your guitar still loves you!

Improvised guitar solos by Sean Luciw.

track listing:

  2. cupid is stupïder thåñ jµpítër
  3. jerry patrick's th!rd leg is not his braiÑ, dammit!
  4. return to the trash Çompactor; miss a tµrn.
  5. seduÇtress aValanches resume cru$hïng my skülls
  6. socïal skills are so, like, "WhatEver!"
  7. jåZz sucks and nÊither do yòu
  8. censðrship is my finëst qµalit¥
  9. been living øn my own plånet since the begiñning anyways
  10. cool the foolishness
  11. tëchnology is for wãnkers FÛCK
  12. +he talk shows arê written før me

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