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Clown Grinder by Jagged
artist: Jagged
album: Clown Grinder
cat.#: ULCD-022
format: CD, DA
length: 65:37
genre: avante-garde, free-jazz, noise, metal
released: June 12, 2014

the Downloads:

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This is energy, pure & raw... twisting and turning in a flight of bombastic freedom!

Every chance they get, these two cats rip a brand-new hole in the space-time continuum and manifest another collection of unruly sound nuggets. Recorded live, "Clown Grinder" is their second album, the most brutal and inspired jams so far. Lo-fi. High energy. Never boring.

track listing:

  1. Gargantu Won Ton Souper Manta Ray Gunga Din Connector - watch video on YouTube
  2. Electric Bench Warmer
  3. Blue Drip
  4. Foghorn Leghumper
  5. Gleamy Dreamer
  6. Clown Grinder
  7. Another Month of Sundays
  8. Septic Mutiny


  • peaked at #2 on Loud chart, 02/09/2014 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • peaked at #8 on Loud chart, 02/16/2014 CFUV 101.9 — Victoria, BC

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