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Orchards by The Buddha Belly
artist: The Buddha Belly
album: Orchards
cat.#: ULCD-024
format: CD, DA
length: 43:53
genre: jazz, jazz fusion, instrumental
released: December 15, 2017
sounds like: John Scofield, Miles Davis, Jonas Hellborg,

the Digital Album:

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The Buddha Belly is a jazz fusion trio led by bassist D. Ian Smith featuring Kris Ruston on guitar and Richard Graham on drums. Their album "Orchards" was mostly recorded in front of a live audience at the Grind Coffeehouse in Kamloops, BC, Canada in 2009. The evening is a steady ride of funky dynamic emotion.

Bassist D. Ian Smith (appearing courtesy of Humble Bumble Records) has played in the bands Swackhammer, Colubrid, Osea, Beating Raoul, Squeeky Leek and many more as bassist, vocalist and composer.

Guitarist Kris Ruston (Bestest Records) has played in The Squish, Infectuals, Dr. Fabulous, and Captain Coconut as well as producing his own solo material.

Drummer Richard Graham has played in Too Fat To Fly, SGHQ, Groove Theory, Infectuals, Richard Graham Trio, Fastlane and Blackdaze.


"Great album. It's funky, jazzy, and atmospheric. It's better than John Scofield's lame albums, and just as good as his best albums."
- Adam Pfeffer, antimi.com

"That is an amazing album, it is so smooth at times I have to remind myself it is live."
- Jason Wiggins

"Three of Kamloops’ killerest players playing the killerest jams the killerest tones... I’m burning my guitars."
- J.R. Adam

"Sounds amazing!"
- Annette Marshall

"Refreshing, fun, yet soothing. Nicely done!"
- T. Plummer

track listing:

  1. Malpractice (live)
  2. The Marching Powder (live)
  3. I'm Buddies With The Bears (live)
  4. Multiverse (live)
  5. Just Yesterday (live)
  6. We've Abused You Long Enough (live)
  7. Ernie
  8. Welvern
  9. Koala Calls Me Disgusting Man
  10. Orchards (live)


  • #5 on Jazz chart, 05/08/2018 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #7 on Jazz chart, 03/27/2018 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #7 on Jazz chart, 03/13/2018 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC

  • #9 on Jazz chart, 04/17/2018 CFUV 101.9 — Victoria, BC
  • #8 on Jazz chart, 04/03/2018 CFUV 101.9 — Victoria, BC


The Big Buddha Belly is an instrumental quartet consisting of the same bandmembers of The Buddha Belly with the addition of Sean Luciw on guitar.

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