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Stellar Trip by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Stellar Trip
cat.#: ULCD-025
format: CD, DA
length: 60:06
genre: techno, edm, electronic, breakbeat, drum and bass
released: October 31, 2017
sounds like: Photek, 808 State, Uberzone, Spor, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Future Sound of London, Orbital, The Orb, deadmau5

the Digital Album:

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Enjoy a tasty space journey through a vast techno universe! The Lex Plexus album "Stellar Trip" will take you there, so "all aboard" and enjoy the scenery. The 13-song collection carries the listener outward from the earthly through the alien, bringing an uncommon level of lush sonic variety.

The album starts with the bustling sounds of an interstellar airport... the sound-ship jostles its way out of the stratosphere and settles into an easygoing exit towards the great wide open. The second track reminisces on the cold shivery sadness of a disappearing summer, only to quickly heat things up with some faster rhythms and a sentimental wave goodbye. By the third track, the emptiness of space can really be felt. The rest of the album is a colourful and nebulous journey through the twists and turns of inner space, with many beautiful moments and the occasional gravitational torment. Spooky serenity is punctuated by etheric robot voices. Time is dilated in both directions at once. The final destination is a beautiful world like no other.

Fans of 808 State, Orbital, The Orb, Uberzone, u-ziq, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Photek will appreciate this Lex Plexus tour-de-space.

track listing:

  1. Puff The Magic Airline
  2. Summer Is Fading
  3. Dark Space Hibernation
  4. Margarine And Marmalade
  5. So Much To Learn
  6. Tribal Zap Hop
  7. The Delicate Explosion
  8. Shadow Pulse
  9. Outside Game
  10. Universal Break
  11. Martian Tropics
  12. Nav Glitch
  13. Planet 13

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