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Gadget Babies by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Gadget Babies
cat.#: ULCD-027
format: CD, DA
length: 56:51
genre: electronic
released: July 31, 2018
sounds like: Aphex Twin, Orbital, Photek

the Digital Album:

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On this electronic album you'll find an intense concentration of adhesive earworms, head-bobbing beats, mysterious textures, and puzzling polyrhythms.

Hot on the heels of "Stellar Trip," which made Top 5 in the National Electronica chart earlier this year, Lex Plexus unveils another new collection of inspired electronica. The Canadian producer, a.k.a. Sean Luciw, has taken a different approach this time... as he says, "Whereas 'Stellar Trip' was made over a 6-year period using various computer-based technologies, 'Gadget Babies' was all made using Korg Gadget, in less than 2 years! Besides the incredible convenience of constant access to this techno studio-in-my-pocket, which is a phone app I can use anywhere, I immediately noticed the high quality of the built-in sounds. This enables me to concentrate my time on composition instead of polishing turds. The digital gadgets sound like physical hardware to my ears. You gotta understand I was born in the 70's, so this is like science fiction becoming science fact. I'm living in a Star Trek episode!"

What do these tunes sound like? Fans of Lex Plexus could expect almost anything. On "Gadget Babies" you'll find an intense concentration of adhesive earworms, head-bobbing beats, mysterious textures, and puzzling polyrhythms. Far beyond apologizing for his inner math nerd, Sean Luciw relentlessly mixes "non-four" rhythmic numbers in a similar vein to his metal band, Volcano Calculator. "For some reason, I really like 7-beat rhythms. I also mix 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 8's, 9's, 10's and 11's on this album, whether it's in a metrically modulating manner or polyrhythmically."

Don't let the technical mumbo-jumbo fool you: "Gadget Babies" is full of catchy fun and friendly lightness that bears repeated listening. "12-String Transformer" features beautiful neo-classical 12-string guitar. The song "How Was It Made?" is an obvious nod to the TV show "How It's Made." Sean says, "I love the music on that show - it's futuristic but quirky." One gabber-esque track features the sound of a Bobcat scraping its shovel across the pavement. "Zill Bezant" mixes an Arabian scale with Locrian, the most-difficult-to-use (and least popular) of the 7 modes. The ascending keyboard solo on "Shucks!" is inspired by the amazing sax solo on the Maceo Parker classic "Shake Everything You’ve Got." Pac-Man fans will appreciate the basslines of the rhythmic enigma "9 5 11." Lex Plexus is happy and thankful to offer this music to the world!

track listing:

  1. Shucks!
  2. 12-String Transformer
  3. How Was It Made?
  4. SpongeBob Effigy
  5. Squeeze Until Empty
  6. '67 Split Window
  7. Bobcat Scrapes
  8. Purple Boot Stomp
  9. Polly Breezes
  10. Zill Bezant
  11. 9 5 11
  12. Seven Levels Deep

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