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Beautiful Guitars by Sean Luciw
artist: Sean Luciw
album: Beautiful Guitars
cat.#: ULCD-028
format: CD, DA
length: 1:10:46
genre: instrumental rock
released: May 15, 2019
sounds like: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Buckethead, Eric Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Ron Jarzombek, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chris Poland & Ohm, Return To Forever, Miles Davis, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Andrés Segovia, Strunz & Farah, Animals As Leaders

the CD:

CD's available now at CDBaby and at Kamloops Long & McQuade.

the Digital Album:

Listen now at iTunes, Bandcamp, CDBaby, Spotify, and many more digital distributors worldwide.

You can also listen on YouTube.


Many-splendoured instrumental compositions featuring 7 guest performers, 23 different guitars & basses, at least 27 pedals and other gadgets, 12 or more amps & sims and a veritable plethora of percussion and funky beats.

"I am incredibly fortunate to exist in a universe where I can explore the mysteries of sound through this amazing invention, the Guitar." - S.L.

This started out as a completely solo project, but the music became so much more colourful and full of surprises when all of these super creative individuals accepted my invitation to contribute, with my gratitude:

Adam Pfeffer Adam Pfeffer (song 11)
Ben Viefhues Ben Viefhues (song 8)
D. Ian Smith D. Ian Smith (songs 8, 9)
Iain McLaren Iain McLaren (song 9)
Jacob Bastien Jacob Bastien (songs 8, 10)
Jon Treichel Jon Treichel (song 9)
Justin Bentley Justin Bentley (songs 8,9)

track listing:

  1. Cool Wind In My Hair
  2. Cherry Blossoms
  3. Zephyr Nimbus
  4. Ravage & Revive
  5. Fire 'n' Water Blues
  6. Curvatures
  7. Orpheus Trek
  8. Magma Whelm
  9. Baking Biscuits
  10. Oblique Spaces
  11. Jaywalkers
  12. The Big Swell

additional links:

"Baking Biscuits" on YouTube
(composed & performed by Sean Luciw, D. Ian Smith, Iain McLaren, Jon Treichel, Justin Bentley)

"Jaywalkers" on YouTube
(composed & performed by Sean Luciw and Adam Pfeffer)

"Magma Whelm" on YouTube
(composed & performed by Sean Luciw, Ben Viefhues, D. Ian Smith, Jacob Bastien, Justin Bentley)

Sean Luciw on Twitter
Ulusulu Music on Facebook


  • #32 on 2019 Top 100 chart CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #7 on Top 30 chart, 07/09/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #174 on !earshot Top 200 chart, 06/06/2019
  • #12 on Top 30 chart, 06/25/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #2 on Top 10 chart, 06/18/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #5 on Top 10 chart, 06/11/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #27 on Top 30 chart, 06/04/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC

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