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Simple Pleasures by Stretch Alexander
artist: Stretch Alexander
album: Simple Pleasures
cat.#: ULCD-030
format: CD, DA
length: 52:51
genre: instrumental blues
released: May 9, 2022
sounds like: Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Ennio Morricone...

the Digital Album:

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"Simple Pleasures" is 14 tracks of bluesy instrumental bliss, and the 2022 followup to 2007's "Hole In My Boat".

Stretch Alexander is the blues persona of Sean Luciw, whose musical endeavours also include Lex Plexus (electronic), Circuit of Pain (hardcore punk), Volcano Calculator (metal), Skullfinger (rock) and several solo albums including "Beautiful Guitars" and 2021's "Under The Wire". Sean started playing guitar in 1985 and has been prolific ever since, blurring the boundaries by mixing genres at will.

The artist explains, "In February this year I realized I was falling into a rut of demotivation and I recognized that I needed music to save me from apathy once again, as it always has. I'd already been trudging up the steep mountain that is Level 7 Classical Guitar when I realized that what I really wanted to do in this space and time of my life was to play the blues! Blues theory and technique is a seductive language for me, and one of the first things I go to when I pick up the guitar. Blues has always been a part of my mixed-up musical language along with classical, metal, jazz, reggae, electronic and the rest of it, but my vision for this moment was to dive straight into the blues!"

"Once the pure vision was in mind, there was no stopping this project. Every day, studio bliss. With inspiration burning, fourteen songs sprang into existence over a quick two-month stretch. I found constant inspiration and encouragement by listening to instrumental blues tracks by artists such as Albert King, Lucky Peterson, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and the like. My mindset was mostly rooted in an older, simpler time. I imagined cruising down the highway in 1953 with blues on the radio. This is where I want to be... bending the string, making it sing!"

Sean Luciw - guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, percussion and other various instruments, composition, recording, mixing, mastering, graphics.

track listing:

  1. Cherry Chiclet Blues
  2. Simple Pleasures
  3. Avocado Pontiac
  4. A Spicy Curve
  5. Years and Tears
  6. Music Is My Church
  7. Soho Butterfly Blues
  8. Late Nite Low Down
  9. Biting and Crying
  10. Bubblegum and Rollerskates
  11. If the U.F.O. Be Rockin', Don't Bother Knockin'
  12. Teetotalled Again
  13. Desert Hearts
  14. Be the Wind

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