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Killing Time by Sean Luciw
artist: Sean Luciw
album: Killing Time (20th Anniversary digital re-release)
cat.#: ULCS-003
format: Cassette, Digital Album
length: 25:13
genre: experimental guitar
released: digital: April 24, 2016
cassette: April 16, 1996
sounds like: Sigur Ros, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno

the Digital Album:

The 5-song digital album (or individual songs, if you prefer) is now available for free download at bandcamp.com

the Cassette:

Currently out-of-print.


This is the 20th Anniversary digital re-release of the "Killing Time" cassette tape by Sean Luciw, originally released in 1996.

I made this music while I was waiting for the Sugar Shark CDs to come back from the manufacturer. I rubbed a dishcloth on the strings to emulate hi-hats in "Rabbit Ears". The fretless bass in "Must be Nice" was played using thumbs only, no fingers. "Silky Sweet" has a very specific chord progression but no steady timing.

The front cover reads:

This experimental FREAK-OF-AUDIO was created (mostly improvised) using only a bunch of guitars, a bass, and loads of FX (no keyboards, samplers, drums, drum machines or tape speed manipulation.) Recorded + mixed April 16+15/96 as a means of killing time while waiting for better things to happen. The so-called artist accepts no responsibility for psychological or other damage ensued as a result of this music. Besides only a FREAK would listen to this kind of music in the first place!

Sean Luciw - guitars, basses

track listing:

  1. Must Be Nice - 5:36
  2. Trying To Kill Time - 7:37
  3. Rabbit Ears (In The Pocket) - 5:04
  4. Silky Sweet - 1:41
  5. Dodo Brain - 5:13

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