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The Shell by Drums Of Drone
artist: Drums Of Drone
album: The Shell
cat.#: ULCS-007
format: Cassette, Digital Album
length: 55:03
genre: drone, ambient, noise, electronic, sci-fi
released: September 25, 2015
sounds like: Fripp & Eno, Yellow Swans, La Monte Young, Emeralds, Black To Comm, Boyd Rice

the Digital Album:

The 5-song digital album (or individual songs, if you prefer) is now available for download ($5) at bandcamp.com

the Cassette:

The 5-song Cassette is now available at bandcamp.com


In the strange sonic world generated by the experimental duet Drums of Drone, the participants seem to arrive from polar extremes. Entering from stage right and carrying a six-string on his back, Sean Luciw feeds melodic guitar-fuel into the transformative forge and furnace that is Rónan McGrath's psychedelic computer, guided by his brain!

"The Shell" is the name of the debut album by Drums of Drone, officially released on Ulusulu Music in cassette format and digital download at Bandcamp.com. For convenient comparative reference, they sound something like Fripp & Eno, Boyd Rice, Yellow Swans, La Monte Young, Emeralds, or Black To Comm.

Keeping contrivance to an absolute minimum, all Drums of Drone performances are 100% improvised. This way, creation's inherent sense of mystery is faithfully transmitted to the audience. The band's name is approximately 50% ironic, given the complete lack of drum rhythms in their abstract, noisy ear-soup. Colouring outside the lines of tonality, their ambient drones exist primarily beyond the standard chromatic palette. Sean says, "When I first started playing guitar way back in the previous millennium, I could have never imagined it would sound like this. I never know what's going to happen when I show up to a Drums of Drone session."

Sean's other projects, as guitarist and producer, include a lot of metal, rock, blues, reggae, jazz fusion, drum-and-bass and experimental techno in bands such as Jagged, Sadistic Humor, Murdertribe, Tragedy Hashbrown, The Big Buddha Belly, Structure and his most infamous alias, Lex Plexus. All-genre becomes non-genre, perhaps? Rónan also performs in the always-evolving experimental band No Spectrum, as well as releasing avant-garde music with Kaleider, All My Evils, Audiophysiopsychics, and Sxa Ormbjüment (pronunciation lessons available). Rónan is also co-proprietor of super-hip Bollokscraft Records as well as Kamloops' one-and-only record store, Barnacle Records.

Drums of Drone cassette

track listing:

  1. busting through the shell - 11:33
  2. pixel fright - 7:41
  3. loamish bull's left eye - 8:50
  4. loamish bull's right eye - 10:35
  5. flight of the cave giant - 16:24

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