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Music Albums — Parallel Barking Is For The Dogs

Parallel Barking Is For The Dogs by Tragedy Hashbrown
artist: Tragedy Hashbrown
album: Parallel Barking Is For The Dogs
cat.#: ULDA-001
format: Digital Album
length: 50:50
genre: improvised noise-art
released: 2010

the Digital Album:

The entire 16-song album (or individual songs, if you prefer) is now available for download (choose your price optional) at bandcamp.com


Tragedy Hashbrown: a mix of the raucous, sublime, intolerable and the beautiful. Iain and Sean create totally improvised spontaneity, all recorded live in various environments using guitars, pianos and other noisemaking miscellany such as stairwells, garbage cans and mud. Destined for blissful mainstream failure.

Iain McLaren - misc, etc.
Sean Luciw - misc, etc.

track listing:

  1. Aliens Playfighting - A keyboard and a guitar sharing one amplifier... and not just any amp, but the SMASH AMP!
  2. All Aboard - This was recorded in a very tall stairwell at Capilano University, hence the wonderful natural reverb!
  3. Bottom Of The Stairs - Another one from the bottom of the very tall stairwell!
  4. Canister Omens Part Zero - A tone-deaf serenade!
  5. Duelling Ling-Lings - A flamenco guitar war between a dumpster diver and a garbage truck driver.
  6. Fluffy Bunnies And Stuff - Fluffy bunnies - pet them, feed them, shave them, stuff them, eat them, play them a fluffy lullaby!
  7. Honky Gonk Poosicle - Who pooped on the piano? Now we're stuck with nothing but these freakin annoying guitars. Thanks. Yeah, thanks a lot.
  8. In The Hushie - Another lullaby for the deaf cockroaches.
  9. Kcoc Htiw Reh Knoc - "Innocent" duet for piano and guitar.
  10. Oh Yeh Klossleckth - seku 45hy n f f4is b F 74 *&. (or maybe not)
  11. Parallel Barking Is For The Dogs - Boof boof woof woof, seriously!
  12. Polar Eclipse - If the North Pole could see the South Pole, it would have its head up its own ass. Since this is basically impossible (or, improbable at least), a Polar Eclipse is the only reasonable situation.
  13. Scribbles Dancing - This is the title track from when we opened for the Grateful Dead.
  14. Squeeky Leeks - Another Capilano stairwell classic!
  15. Thumboats - Ya know those little thumb-operated piano thingies from Africa, with the shell made from a gourd and whatnot? Twangy fun fun fun!
  16. Ulav Repus - Iain reading a grocery flyer backwards (except the numbers which are forward) while Sean responds instrumentally.

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