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Sound of Freedom by Jagged
artist: Jagged
album: Sound of Freedom
cat.#: ULDA-002
format: Digital Album
length: 63:14
genre: avante-garde, free-jazz, noise, metal
released: May 15, 2014

the Digital Album:

The 9-song album (or individual songs, if you prefer) is now available for free download (choose your price optional) at bandcamp.com


"Sound of Freedom" is Jagged's first album. Freedom of expression is the name of the game with this 2-piece jazz-metal-noise army. In a world of "so what?", Jagged is refreshingly high-energy and unpredictable. Cam's drum beats are brutally bombastic and constantly shifting. With his home-made pedalboard and a few other gizmos, Sean's guitar tones and note choices straddle the border between sublime and ridiculous. Jagged: not boring.

Hi-energy, lo-fi.

Sean Luciw - guitar, homemade pedalboard
Cam MacQuarrie - drums

track listing:

  1. Give 'Er Bells
  2. Chatterbox
  3. Snarling Plastic
  4. Busted Squeaker
  5. Sputter
  6. Flatteners
  7. Zip Doodle Scronk Diddle
  8. Donkey Honker
  9. Snake Scraper

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