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Cloaking Fog EP by Crushing Complex
artist: Crushing Complex
album: Cloaking Fog EP
cat.#: ULDA-004
format: Digital Album (EP)
length: 16:28
genre: metal
released: April 4, 2016

the Digital Album:

The 3-song EP is now available for free download at bandcamp.com and on the streaming platforms (Spotify etc.)


The 3 songs on this "Cloaking Fog" EP are the fruition of an accidental reunion of Crushing Complex in 2015, who released the 5-song "nth degree" EP in 2007. This time around, more heavyness and more grooviness!

Matt Mclaughlin - vocals
Sean Luciw - 8-string guitar, vocals
Justin Perfilow - 7-string guitar, vocals
Justin Bentley - 5-string bass
Craig McKay - drums

recorded, mixed & mastered by Sean Luciw at ulusulu music

track listing:

  1. Beard of the Gateman
  2. Neutralize
  3. Punch In The Face

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