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Music Albums — Holographic Sun (beep boop recorded live at Kamloops Art Gallery)

Holographic Sun by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Holographic Sun (beep boop recorded live at Kamloops Art Gallery)
cat.#: ULDA-007
format: Digital Album (recorded live)
length: 38:25
genre: electronic/experimental
released: August 29, 2016

the CD:

Hardcopies are also available in Kamloops at the Gallery Store of the Kamloops Art Gallery.

the Digital Album:

The album is now available for free download at bandcamp.com


Lex Plexus was invited to play atmospheric music at the Kamloops Art Gallery for the "Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie" exhibition opening July 2, 2016. Upon consulting the Intertubes to discover that Mr. Pethick was a pioneer in the field of holography, Mr. Plexus became increasingly interested in associating his music with this event... and a performance was born! Equipped with a couple of smarty-nerd boxes and a plethora of twiddly knobs, The Plexinator joyously spun weirdy ear-tapestries for all in attendance. Part 1 is presented here for your enjoyment.

track listing:

  1. Holographic Sun

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