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Now Try To Be Cute by Iain McLaren
artist: Iain McLaren
album: Now Try To Be Cute by Iain McLaren
cat.#: ULDA-008
format: Digital Album
length: 38:35
genre: experimental/piano
originally released: 1998 Baalimusic
digitally re-released: May 15, 2017

the Digital Album:

The album is now available for download at bandcamp, iTunes, CDBaby, and other digital distributors worldwide.


Ulusulu Music is proud to present this digital reissue of Iain McLaren's legendary 1998 experimental album.

This experimental lo-fi album is full of heart - all at once unique, quirky, and deep.

Originally self-released in 1998, "Now Try To Be Cute" is the classic experimental lo-fi album by Iain McLaren, presented now in the digital age by Ulusulu Music. Oddball piano solos peppered with gibberish vocal harmonies are interspersed with unpredictable swatches of colour created by basketballs, oil rigs, metal chains, and hand drums in the most peculiar polyrhythms. Somehow, all of this deep strangeness is instantly likeable for its innocent playfulness. Iain's is a rare breed of creativity, as some fans may know from his prior work with metal band Sadistic Humor, rockers Hob-Nob, experimental duo Tragedy Hashbrown and Cable 10's Euphoria Emporium.

track listing:

  1. Chum is on a Fink
  2. Hogick Thick
  3. Ate'n Burgs
  4. Mandarin Wedge
  5. Pocket Flash Naps
  6. Carl the Guide
  7. An Auction Somewhere
  8. Fwohpeep Can't Tickle
  9. Saudi Clip Brat
  10. Ne Yeh Neve Yehe
  11. Molten Mama
  12. Family Gas
  13. Buj

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