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Music Albums — Vault Smashing Vol. 5

Vault Smashing Vol. 5 by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Vault Smashing Vol. 5
cat.#: ULDA-013
format: Digital Album
length: 39:30
genre: electronic
released: Jan. 27, 2019

the Digital Album:

The 8-song album is now available for download at Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes and other various digital distributors and streaming services (Spotify, etc.)

You can also listen on YouTube.

You can also listen on SoundCloud.


This is diverse music, ranging from beautiful to silly.

"Vault Smashing Vol. 5" contains previously unreleased material from the Lex Plexus collection, spanning the legendary era from 2004-2007. Three of the tracks are collaborative, including "Answers Fall," a beautiful reggae track featuring guest performances by D. Ian Smith, Jon Treichel and Ryan MacDuff. "Breakdancing Snakecharmer" makes quirky use of clarinet in a drum-and-bass context. "The Blunt Impulse" and "Flip Flop Saluki" are uptempo electronica. "Choypin Anna Boypin" is downright outrageous. This is fun music!

track listing:

  1. Answers Fall
  2. Flip Flop Saluki
  3. The Blunt Impulse
  4. Breakdancing Snakecharmer
  5. Choypin Anna Boypin - EXPLICIT CONTENT -
  7. Lobster
  8. Pangaea


  • #22 on 2019 Electronica Top 25 chart, CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #6 on Electronica chart, 08/20/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #3 on Electronica chart, 08/06/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC
  • #3 on Electronica chart, 06/25/2019 CFBX 92.5 — Kamloops, BC

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