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Music Albums — Vault Smashing Vol. 6

Vault Smashing Vol. 6 by Lex Plexus
artist: Lex Plexus
album: Vault Smashing Vol. 6
cat.#: ULDA-014
format: Digital Album
length: 50:21
genre: electronic
released: Feb. 29, 2020

the Digital Album:

The 11-song album is now available for download at Bandcamp, CDBaby, Apple Music and other various digital distributors and streaming services (Spotify, etc.)

You can also listen on YouTube.


"Vault Smashing Vol. 6" contains previously unreleased material from the Lex Plexus collection, spanning the legendary era from 2007-2012.

Stories behind some of the songs:

"OctaPlexus" features the "OctaPlexus" VST instrument created by Sean Luciw.

"Munch's Gabbiar" is named after a character from the video game "Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee."

"One Percent of One Percent" was created to celebrate the phasing out of the Canadian one-cent coin.

"Opening The Kaleidoscope" features Kris Ruston on lead guitar.

About the song "Temporary Tripod (Lemonade Makes A Stand)"... I made this song using only my left hand and my two feet, as my right hand was broken and healing - hence the title. So the drum tracks are 3-limbed and the 5-string bass was all hammer-ons and guitar was like, "hammer-ons & pull-offs, okay now reach over and do whammy bar with fret hand, and return to fretboard" kind of scenario. It's a positive vibe kind of song, making lemonade out of lemons so to speak - hence the subtitle.

"Sleep, Cerberus" is an epic instrumental. A vocal version was later constructed with Nix Nihil.

"11/11/11 11:11:11" ...I knew that 11/11/11 was approaching and I wanted to do something. So I made this song. At 11:11:11 am, I sang the word "eleven" 11 times. The song is in 11-beat time, 111 bpm, 11 minutes and 11 seconds long, finished the mix on the last day of 2011. None of these things really describe the way it sounds. Let it take you on a ride.

track listing:

  1. Googoomunga
  2. The World Is So Big And I Am So Small
  3. OctaPlexus
  4. Munch's Gabbiar
  5. Toot Toot
  6. One Percent Of One Percent
  7. Pull Out All Yer Junk
  8. Opening The Kaleidoscope
  9. Temporary Tripod (Lemonade Makes A Stand)
  10. Sleep, Cerberus
  11. 11/11/11 11:11:11

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