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Music Albums — 528 Hz and Friends

528 Hz and Friends by Sean Luciw
artist: Sean Luciw
album: 528 Hz and Friends
cat.#: ULDA-017
format: Digital Album
length: 31:38
genre: new age/meditation
released: Dec 12, 2020

the Digital Album:

Now available for download at Bandcamp, Apple Music and other various digital distributors and streaming services (Spotify, etc.)

The tracks are also on YouTube:
528 and 396 (Perfect Fourth)
528 and 852 (Golden Ratio)
Harmonic Powerhouse


528 Hz is a very famous frequency! Many believe the frequency to have healing properties. The Solfeggio Tone system (not to be confused with the singing Solfege) exhibits some very intriguing numerical structures which Sean Luciw explores in detail in his book "Chaos In Boxes: twisted adventures in music theory" - for example, the tones 528 Hz and 741 Hz resonate a perfect 4/3 ratio, also known as the musical Perfect Fourth. 639 Hz and 852 Hz do the same. The Golden Ratio is found in the harmony of tones 396 Hz and 639 Hz, and 528 Hz and 852 Hz do the same. Sean found these properties through his own investigation, and was surprised to find these properties to be seemingly thus absent from the common dialogue about the tones.

In 2011, Sean Luciw released two albums of Solfeggio Tone music, and the response has been spectacular. Inspired by didjeridoos, crystal bowls and aum chanting, the renderings include many layers of the tones at several octaves for maximum effect. Since then, Sean's studio methods have evolved to include much thicker layering and filtering so now, 9 years later, a fresh collection of Solfeggio Tone music is ready for your enjoyment! "528 Hz and Friends" contains three deep tracks, each of them featuring the popular 528 Hz tone. Enjoy.

track listing:

  1. 528 and 396 (Perfect Fourth)
  2. Since 528 divided by 396 equals exactly 4/3, these two tones resonate the musical Perfect Fourth (or a Perfect Fifth when inverted).
  3. 528 and 852 (Golden Ratio)
  4. These two tones resonate the harmony of 71:44, which is very close to the Golden Ratio and in the neighborhood of a Minor Sixth (or Major Third when inverted).
  5. Harmonic Powerhouse
  6. This track contains these 4 tones: 396, 528, 639, 852. From their combinations, two instances of the Golden Mean are manifested, and two instances of the Perfect Fourth.

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