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I was unwilling/unable to keep up to Apple's ever-changing requirements and removed the app from the App Store. It was good while it lasted.

As a side note, I am developing a hardware version of The Accelerating Metronome. A prototype exists and you can watch it on YouTube.

Accelerando Metronomo, an accelerating metronome app for the practicing musician, is designed to help musicians with speed-building practice in a relatively hands-free manner. You specify two tempos, and the metronome will gradually accelerate from one tempo to the other. Besides alleviating the need to repeatedly interrupt finger exercises to increase tempo adjustments, the metronome also provides a smooth, thorough tempo experience (instead of skipping a few bpm each time a button is pressed, as a typical metronome would require). A few other features make the app very useful, such as "Wave Mode", Tap Tempo, user-selectable sounds, and choice of rhythms. Tempo range is from 20 bpm to 600 bpm. Accelerando Metronomo can also produce steady tempo like a traditional metronome.

  • easy-to-use accelerating (and decelerating) metronome
  • tempo range from 20bpm to 600bpm
  • 8 user-selectable sounds
  • 9 user-selectable rhythms
  • applause is heard when tempo goal is reached
  • tempos specified by tap tempo or slider
  • "wave mode", e.g. +30/-15
  • extreme range of acceleration gradualness or "slope"
  • autosaved settings
  • 3 user-selectable colour schemes
  • not interrupted by iPhone's Auto-Lock function
  • 2-colour flashing LED
  • in-menu Help

To contact the developer, please use the Contact Form. Thank you!

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Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial for Accelerando Metronomo useage.

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