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Free VST software synthesizers (Win OS) created by Sean Luciw using Synthmaker.

Ancient Solfeggio Synthesizer

The Ancient Solfeggio Synthesizer VSTi ver 1.0 is NOW AVAILABLE! It specializes in producing the Ancient Solfeggio Tones, which are these frequencies:

396 Hz
417 Hz
528 Hz
639 Hz
741 Hz
852 Hz

SIDE NOTES: I used this VSTi to make some of the music on the album Ancient Solfeggio Tones volume 2 explorations, as well as the previously unreleased track A Wrinkle In Tone (free mp3 download) which was one of the entries in a competition hosted by



With no adjustable controls, the OctaPlexus VSTi is the ultimate in simplicity. It consists of 8 oscillators (2 each of Sawtooth, Sine, Triangle and Square), each with different phase-modulation characteristics. The GUI artwork was made using a piece of tye-dyed fabric, a dried apricot and a piece of chocolate.


OctaSweepaPlexus VSTi is an enhanced version of OctaPlexus VSTi. The 8 oscillators each have their volumes, phase characteristics, and panning positions individually modulated in a random way for an unpredictable, organic sound. This is most noticable on very long notes. The GUI, again lacking user controls, will be familiar to users of the OctaPlexus.

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